About Me

Hi I'm Justin and I live in Victoria, Australia. I started flying rc helicopters in 2008 and as soon as I learned to hover my Blade 400, I thought to myself...wouldn't it be cool to hang a camera off the heli and see what I could film.

I quickly moved up to a Trex 500 helicopter, perfecting my camera mount, concentrating on eliminating vibrations reaching my camera. I think I ended up getting some pretty nice clean video, especially for a heli.

Like many, FPV flight intrigued me, however it seemed a little daunting and complex, especially because I had no one locally to help me. I searched the internet, researched as much as I could, when finally in 2010 I purchased a gaui 330x-s quadcopter, gopro hero camera, a 1.3ghz basic starter kit from RMRC and fatshark goggles from rangevideo. Since then, I have never looked back. FPV is amazing and has given me the opportunity to share, via my videos, the environment that I love so much and the fun that I have flying FPV.

What comes next is anyones guess. Did someone say brushless gimbal?

I would like to thank Trev (snafu or snaf69) for helping me set up this site.
TheOtherCliff from openpilot.org for letting me use some of his words.
OpenPilot for being openpilot.
Tim from FPVmanuals for all his support