My FPV gear

The best advice I can give any starter is:
Start simple and build up your system as your knowledge and skills grow.

I started with a basic ground station that consisted of:
- a 1280mHz video receiver (rx) and an 3dBi omni directional antenna
- Fatshark BASE video goggles
- a 2200mah 3S lipo battery to power the system

After I learned the fundamentals of FPV flight, I wanted to fly more demanding missions. This included flying further and behind obstacles such as trees. I added a second video rx, patch antenna and an eagleeyes FPV ground station (diversity system). My GS now had two rxs/antennas which allowed the diversity controller to chose the best video image from two sources. The patch antenna increased my range (in a certain direction) while my omni antenna allowed me to still fly around myself (in close).

Below you can find a video of my ground station backpack

Recently, I have discovered the joys of flying using circular polarised (CP) antennas. I now use a cloverleaf antenna on my quadcopters and a Skew Planar Wheel (SPW) and Crosshair on my GS (Thank you IBCrazy). This combination gives me a very solid video image in all types of flight situations. Great range and clear video through out aerobatic manouvres. The downside to CP antennas, especially on 1.2-1.3 Ghz is the size and the increased possiblility of damage in a crash.

For more information about antenna's check out Video Aerial Systems here.

GroundStation Update

My latest GS consists of one lawmate Vrx and a mad mushroom antenna. Powered by a 4000mah 3s nanotech, I use Fatshark BASE goggles and have a pair of Cinemizer OLEDs for my passengers. I record the downlink using a JapanDVR. I do not bother with diversity anymore. The system is ligher and performs very well.

All of my FPV flights to date have been achieved with spektrum 2.4ghz rc. My quads sport an AR7000 or AR7010 receiver (rx). My tranmitter is a JR DSX9. Range with this set up is around 1.5km down to 1km through trees.

With the help of Pete from Team White Llama (TWL) I was lucky enough to win a Dragon Link rc system in a competion on RCGroups. My Mate Trev gave me this DX7 for me to install the DL in. This will be the system of choice for future FPV quadcopter builds as it will give me piece of mind knowing that I will have more rc range than my video system is cabable of. Thanks Pete and Trev (both amazing OpenPilot FPV quad pilots)

For more information about DragonLink click here.